How To Use Electrical Tape

With the development of electric and power load is increasing. People is note to power line material cut area of size on electrical of security using has effect, but in joint using insulation tape aspects not was people by note, and power line to increasingly dark, has go wood floor Xia, and wall in the, and clapboard in the and the wet of underground or water in the, if insulation tape using improper, will will produced leakage, endanger personal security or caused fire.

Correctly using the tape method is as follows:

Power cable connector into the "cross" method, "" law, "t" connection, and so on, winding into wrap, wrapped around each other, and so on. Joints should be wrapped around a solid, smooth and Burr-free. Threads-before-break, should use pliers gently press it, then wound to the mouth, and then swing around and thread is very docile in the connector is disconnected. If the connector is in a dry place, black insulating tape round the first two layers, then wrapped in plastic tape (also called PVC adhesive tape), two layers of such joints in moisture or water should be wrapped in black insulation tape two layers, then J-10 200% wrapped around insulating adhesive tape stretched two or three layers, and finally wrapped in two layers of plastic tape.

Advantages of using electrical tape are follows: there are a lot of electrical work directly with plastic tape, adhesive dislocation-prone plastic tape for a long time, disengaged. Electrical load when joint heat, melted plastic tape shrinkage; squeeze each other within the power connectors in the junction box, connector when Burr, it's easy to puncture the plastic tape, and so on. These hazards will directly endanger the safety, cause short circuit, causing fire. Using insulated black cloth does not appear above, because it has a certain strength, flexibility, wrapped in the joints for a long time, under the influence of time and temperature, and dry-fixed, won't fall off, fire-retardant.

② insulation wrapped a black cloth and then wrapped in plastic tape to moisture, rust. Good insulation with self-adhesive waterproof but easy to break, so she finally wrapped in two layers of plastic tape to layer connectors and connector self-adhesive insulating tape does not stick, better performance