Insulation Tape

Insulation tape: insulation tape must be a high-quality поливинилхлоридную изоляционную tape, suitable for use in any conditions of the environment. Withstands current high-voltage up to 600 - provides security of devices. Has a good tack - excellent keeps on plastic, metal, tile, glass, cardboard and other smooth surfaces. Термоустойчива - insulating tape PVC do not losing their properties in a wide range of temperatures from -55 to +105 °. Nontoxic - does not have a sharp smell and when used in the specified temperature range not highlights of harmful impurities in dangerous concentrations. Elastic - easy обмотать even thin wire or glue on embossed surface. Resistant to stretching - withstands stretching 150%. Пожаробезопасна - with a strong heating wires in place of the breakdown of insulation don't there fire. Insulating tape can ignite only at the impact of open fire, but quickly decays. Влагоустойчива - protects the wires from moisture, prevents the appearance of fungus and corrosion on the pipes and other surfaces

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