International Children's Day

International Children's Day is scheduled for June 1st of each year. In order to mourn for the Liddish tragedy on June 10, 1942 and all children in the world who died in the war, we oppose the killing and poisoning of children and protect the rights of children.

In November 1949, the International Federation of Democratic Women held a board meeting in Moscow. Representatives of China and other countries have angrily exposed the crimes of the imperialists and reactionaries of various countries who slaughtered and poisoned children. The meeting decided to use the 1st of June every year as International Children's Day. It is designed to guarantee the rights of children of all countries in the world to live, health and education, and custody, to improve the lives of children, and to set up holidays to fight against children and poison children. At present, many countries in the world have designated June 1 as a holiday for children.