New Year's Money

New Year's money

New Year's money, Han Chinese customs, implies evil spirits, bless peace. The original intention of lucky money is evil evil town. Because people think that children are vulnerable to sneak attacks, they use the money of the New Year to turn their backs on their evil spirits and help the children safely out of the new year. Wish the children a healthy and auspicious year in the new year.

Chinese New Year greetings, the elders should be prepared in advance into the red envelopes sub-bonus points to the younger generation, according to legend the New Year's money can suppress the evil spirits, because the "old" and "mischievous" homonym, the younger generation get lucky money you can spend a year in peacetime.

New Year's money is generally given by the elders to the younger generation when the New Year's countdown is made, which means that they are under the age of 10.

In history, New Year's money is divided into two types, one of which is the younger generation to the elderly. The "year-old" of the New Year's money refers to the year of age, and is meant to look forward to the longevity of the elderly.