Pre-Printed Tape Market

Printing on packaging tapes plays a vital role in emphasizing the logo and name of the company and it has also become an important advertising tool for marketers to attract customers. Printed tapes simplifies stock handling and further safeguards the merchandise in transit. Pre-printed tapes are perfect solution in packaging industry, as it is an economical approach to promote company’s products and brands, which not only makes the product visually appealing, but also results into immediate recognition of the packages. These tapes also provide tamper proof security and are also water resistant to secure the packaged contents from water. Hence, pre-printed tapes are becoming more and more popular among packaging manufacturers. Pre-Printed tapes are also known as custom printed tapes which consists of all the product related information. In addition, pre-printed tapes are also useful for communicating handling instructions. The global printing industry has undergone a significant transformation from having conventional printing machines to a more digital printing machines. This transformation has been driving the demand for digital printing which in turn has created growth opportunities for pre-printed tape market.