Pvc Electrical Tape

A thin premium grade plasticized PVC film  coated with an aggressive rubber based adhesive with good characteristics . It is suitable  for continuous use at 80℃ with good electric flammability and soft property , not influenced by most chemical substances and humidity . it complies with ROHS requirement .

Today electrical tape is simply, "another form of insulation". The original electrical insulating tape was made of cloth tape impregnated with Chatterton's compound, an adhesive material manufactured using Gutta-percha. This type of tape was often used to insulate soldered splices on knob and tube wiring. It was commonly referred to as "friction tape", and had the unique property of being sticky on both sides. Because of this, no matter how it was used it stuck to itself very readily.

 Thicknesses originally were 4 mil (100 µm), 8 mil (200 µm) and 12 mil (300 µm). These were standardized to 7 mil (180 µm) and 10 mil (250 µm) in 1948.