PVC Insulation Adhesive Tape

PVC insulation tape is made from polyvinyl chloride (pvc) as the backing materials which could resist high voltage and high temperature. Good insulation,non-flame or flame retardant type to meet your different needs.


• PVC electric tape is manufactured with polyvinyl chloride coated with rubber resin adhesive.

• Electrical installation and repair work also calls for the right adhesive tape.

• PVC electric tapes are ideal for cable insulation and marking and meet international safety standards

• PVC electric tape are available in various colors and some of them are resistant to aging, weather, abrasion, and fire. Perfect for sealing low- to high- voltage electrical cables and connections as well as for color marking.

• PVC electric tapes offer excellent film flexibility and adhesion and meet international certification standards.

• For hassle-free installation the specifically designed highly flexible tapes conform easily to irregular shapes and surfaces.

• Perfect for industrial repairs, automotive and construction purposes, as well as many other general applications.

• PVC electric tapes is an economical grade plasticized PVC tape with good flexibility and electrical properties

• Having a modified rubber resin adhesive coating, it provides good adhesion and aging resistance in most applications