Rubber Self-adhesive Tapes

The rubber self-adhesive tapes are classified into j-10 type, j-20 type and j-30 type according to the voltage level. when used, the release film is released. then, the tape is stretched by 300% to make a half-lap winding. the outer layer is wrapped around the grass-roots electrical tape, and it is the best protection. role: insulation, waterproof, sealing, high pressure resistance.


Mainly used for insulation sealing of wire and cable joints, can also be used for pipe protection, repair, sealing, etc.

The butyl rubber self-adhesive tape has the best waterproof performance and can be used for the main insulation repair of underwater wire and cable;

Ethylene propylene rubber belts and natural rubber belts are mostly used for air and cable insulation and waterproof protection in air; communication cable joints are waterproof and protected.

Silicone rubber self-adhesive tapes are mostly used in high temperature environments above 150 degrees.