Scotch Tape, Universal Tape In Packaging Tape

Scotch tape, "universal" tape in packaging tape

Friends who often use tape do not know whether they have noticed, Scotch tape can be used as "universal" tape, in other words, if you do not have double-sided tape, kraft paper tape, color printing tape, etc., but as long as you have scotch tape, all problems will be solved. .

    For example, we usually use double-sided tape for sticky wallpaper, or you can use transparent tape to stick to the outside of the wallpaper, and connect the wallpaper and the wall to the outside. For example, kraft paper tape, you want to shield the printing on the carton. Then use scotch tape to stick the print, then write the words you want to write on a narrow strip of paper, the width must be narrower than the scotch tape, then stick it on the scotch tape, and then stick the tape to the carton. The corresponding position can be removed, the printing is removed, the function of kraft paper tape is used, the printing is applied to the carton, and the function of color printing tape is used; the transparent tape can also be used as a label for notebooks, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, The third chapter... can be written on a narrow strip of paper, then put the paper with the "first chapter" on the transparent tape, and then put the tape on the first chapter of the notebook, the first chapter of the label is made Ok, the next few chapters and so on.

This is the universal tape - scotch tape.

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