Special Tips For Non-Muslims In Ramadan

Special tips for non-Muslims in Ramadan

For those visiting and doing business in the Arab and Islamic countries during Ramadan, it is important to note that during the period from sunrise to sunset, when Muslims perform fasting, they cannot smoke, drink or eat on the street or in public places. Otherwise, Muslims will be deemed to disrespect their religious practices and even be punished or detained in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. During the holy month of Ramadan and Abu Dhabi, during the day of Ramadan, general restaurants are not allowed to operate during the day. In the restaurants of star-rated hotels in Dubai, people can eat and smoke, but they are not allowed to drink.

Given the low efficiency of daytime work in the Gulf Arab States during Ramadan, people are often not found. Therefore, those who conduct business investigations and business negotiations should try to avoid Ramadan to visit.