The Application Of Automotive Wiring Harness Tape

Automotive wiring harness use of the tape

1, Automotive wiring harness tape for automotive, motorcycle signs between the adhesive, household appliances, engineering decoration, curtain wall structural bonding fixed.

2, car decoration, car glass, car pedals, seals, waves board, arc, block flow, brake lights, the car at the Department of board bonding fixed.

3, in addition to Fleece tape (automotive wiring harness tape) is also suitable for cars, signs, decorating, building materials, home accessories gift boxes, electronic appliances, medical protection, precision machinery and other industries.

4, Automotive Harness Tape PE thickness 1mm ~ 20mm, black, white, gray with excellent adhesion, good retention, chemical resistance, shock absorption, good resilience, all products meet ROHS environmental requirements.



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