The Application Of PVC Electrical Tape

PVC Electrical tape use:

PVC Electrical insulation tape can be used for insulation of various resistance parts such as transformer, insulation breakage repair, motor, capacitor, wire connector winding, voltage regulator and the like motor products and electronic parts insulation protection work.

PVC flame retardant grade electrical tape can also be used in the industry, can be used for fixing, binding, lap, sealing, repair, protection.

PVC wires harness tape is usually used in the wire connector, you can gently press with a wire, and then wrapped in a circle around the interface, wrapped in the check whether the winding solid.

If it is used in a dry place, then first use insulated black cloth, it is best to wrap two layers, and then use PVC insulation tape, so to avoid raw rubber dislocation, the connector fever and so on.

The base of electrical tape is PVC film, the adhesive used is a rubbery type of adhesive.

These materials made of electrical tape with strong insulation properties, to prevent leakage, and pressure and weather resistance, but also to flame retardant.

Because of these characteristics of electrical tape, so it can be used in some charged places.

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