The Application Of Reflective Warning Tape

the application of Reflective warning tape

Reflective zebra tape (Reflective warning tape) is one of zebra tape, has a unique reflective properties, this feature can only be seen at night, mainly for traffic on the road as a warning.

Reflective warning tape (Vehicle Marking Tape)

It is the same with the general method of warning tape production, the difference is that the surface of a layer of adhesive material, when the car lights up will have a strong reflective effect, mainly due to the reasons for the gum. Of course, this reflective zebra tape can not only be used on the road, anywhere else can be used, also play a warning role.

Reflective zebra tape a variety of colors, the main principle is still made in two colors cross made. The surface of the reflective film grades can be divided into high, medium and low three different intensity of the film, high-intensity surface reflective effect is very good, good surface intensity of the reflective effect of low-intensity surface of the poor reflective.

Reflective warning tape is used wherever you need to be warned.

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