The Difference Between Insulating Tape And Conductive Tape

The difference between insulating tape and conductive tape

The two tapes produce two opposite effects:

Insulation tape refers to the tape used by electricians to prevent leakage and play an insulating role; the insulation tape has good properties such as insulation and pressure resistance, flame retardance, and weather resistance. It is suitable for wire connection, electrical insulation protection and other characteristics; it The production process is based on polyvinyl chloride film as a substrate and coated with a rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Conductive tape is actually a kind of metal foil or conductive tape with a high conductive backing insulating tape wholesale. Its conductive backing and conductive substrate will form a complete electrical conductor, and it can be bonded to any metal surface to complete the electrical closure of the electrical tower junction gap. Shielded conductive tape is a kind of shielding material with low price and easy to use. It is mainly used to seal the joints of EMI shielded rooms, housings and electronic equipment, and shielded conductive tapes are wrapped around the cable for shielding. It provides a reliable grounding surface and provides electrical contact to some non-weldable surfaces.

Insulating tape and conductive tape are very different and their effects are different.