The Features Of High-temperature Silicone Self Fusing Tapes

Feature one

High-temperature silicone self fusing tapes are often used in the joints and cable accessories of power, metallurgy, chemical, automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, electrical and other industries, which is not comparable to tape. When the tape is hot and melted, the high-temperature anti-corrosion self-adhesive tape will not melt even when it is high temperature, it will also fit more closely with the pipeline, and the adhesive tape itself will be more wear-resistant and heat-resistant.

Feature 2 Self-adhesive

High-temperature silicone self fusing tapes tape is made of a non-sticky imported high-quality silicone rubber. The human body does not feel sticky when touched, but when it is wrapped with a high-temperature anti-corrosion self-adhesive tape at the end of the pipe line, it is self-adhesive. Self-solidification, bonding to itself and increasing viscosity within a few days until the viscosity is maximum, forming a watertight barrier to protect the pipe line.

Feature 3 Sealing protection

High-temperature silicone self fusing tapes acts as the end seal of the pipe line, which can avoid the hydraulic oil and pollutants from entering the internal organization layer. It is the latest international type of interface sealing protection product.

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