The Features Of Silicone Fusing Tape - Electrical Insulation Performance

Self-fusing silicone tape Features:

 Electrical insulation performance

(1) Volume resistivity:1×1013Ω·cm at least  (ASTM D257);

(2) The insulation voltage per mm thickness reaches 27KV, which can provide a safe insulation environment for the winding; 0.5mm insulation voltage can be achieved 13.5KV, to meet the insulation requirements;

(3) The main component of the product contains Si, and even after combustion, SiO2 is formed and still has insulating properties, also known as self-adhesive silicone rubber insulation tape;

(4) for some special requirements of the occasion, there are completely flame-retardant products to provide a fully insulated and safe operating environment;

(5) Silicone rubber self-adhesive tape also has excellent anti-corona performance, anti-arc and anti-magnetic track performance, providing a safe working environment.