The Features Of Silicone Repair Tape - Sealed Moisture Performance

The features of silicone repair tape - Sealed moisture performance

3. Sealed moisture performance self fusion silicon tape

(1) The main material of silicone rubber self-adhesive tape is silicone rubber, water vapor will not permeate through silicone tape, with excellent moisture resistance, to achieve effective insulation;

(2) After being wound with self-adhesive tape, it is wound in a 1/2 overlap manner and self-fuse within 24 hours at normal temperature. After the winding, each layer is permanently fused into a layer, and the process is irreversible and tightly bonded to be wound Department, due to good doctrine, even in the irregular curvature of the site can be closely fit, will not Alice, to achieve sealing function;

(3) self-adhesive strength, up to: 50g / mm; (Arlon SQA-TMS-047);

(4) Water absorption 0.9% (46 hours in H20 at 21 ° C)


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