The Features Of Silicone Self Fusing Tape

The Features fo self fusing silicone tape

1. silicone repair tape has good weather resistance, anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet radiation and long service life.

2. silicone self fusing tape can be wound in any shape, good coating, shock absorption, heat resistance, mechanical shock resistance and corona resistance

3. The electrical performance of self fusing tape is better than traditional thermal shrinkage materials, below -45 °C, 150 °C above the traditional insulation material can not be compared to the advantages.

4. The surface of the silicone tape is not touch-sensitive and will not cover the substrate. When it needs to be removed, it can be cut with a tool.

5. Better than the self-adhesion of foreign similar products, it can produce a strong self-fusion in a short time.

6. The tape itself has a certain degree of flame retardancy, the burned ash is silica, it is also not conductive, such as the need to fully flame-retardant products.

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