The History Of Silicone Self Fusing Tape

The history of silicone self fusing tape

Silicone rubber is synthesized by the United States with ferric chloride as the catalyst. In 1945, silicone rubber products came out. In 1948, silicon rubber reinforced with fumed silica with high specific surface area was successfully developed, making the performance of silicone rubber jumped to the practical stage, laying the foundation for modern silicon rubber production technology. The United States has started to produce silicone rubber from the synthesis of dimethyl dichlorosilane. Russia, Germany, Japan, South Korea and China. The industrialization of silicone rubber in China began in 1957, and a number of research institutes and companies have successively developed various silicone rubbers. By the end of 2003, China's silicon rubber production capacity was 135 kilotons, of which 100 kt were high temperature adhesives.

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