The Material Of Pvc Floor Marking Tape

The material of pvc floor marking tape

At present, most warning tapes use PVC as the substrate. The so-called PVC is short for PVC. Polyvinyl chloride has the advantages of flame-retardant (flame-retardant value is 40 or more), high chemical resistance, mechanical strength, and good electrical insulation. However, the disadvantage of PVC is that its tensile strength is not good enough. 

The consequence of this is that in the process of sticking, when the worker pulls the tape away, the tape will be deformed, and after being affixed to the ground, it will be prone to be uneven and not straight. Only people who have taped it will experience it. Managers and purchasers often do not know this.

Of course, the tensile strength of PVC of different quality levels is not the same, which is one of the important reasons why the price of different tapes varies greatly. 

But we have adopted some new measures to avoid or overcome the shortcomings of this material. 

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