The Use Of Masking Tape

The use of masking tape


Masking tape main purposes: applicable to all types of decoration industry, electronics industry, industry, footwear and other uses, have good coverage and protection. For a variety of positioning and packaging play a very good role. Good adhesion to adherends.

The masking tape has good initial tackiness and no adhesive residue. It is suitable for painting, roasting, coating, or electronics industries. Flexibility, tear resistance, oil resistance, very suitable for wet areas, have the effect of preventing paint peeling. According to the classification of masking tape also has the following uses.

High-temperature masking tape: high-temperature paint, paint, electronics industry.

Atmosphere masking tape: room temperature decoration painting cover, portable dressing, fixed lightweight objects, cotton fleece clearance, packaging, etc.;

Medium-temperature masking tape: Coverage of automotive paints, paint masking, etc.