There Are Residual Glue Marks On The Tape Tied Vegetables, Teach You A Trick, Easy To Remove In One Minute.

Now in the summer, there are many fresh green leafy vegetables. You will always find that many vegetables are tied up with blue tape. She likes to tie her vegetables with tape on the shelves, and now many vegetables in the market are tied with tape. After buying such a dish, it is more convenient to carry.

However, there is a problem with this kind of dishes. The tape is definitely unhygienic. After you use it to bundle the vegetables and remove them, there will still be some tape left on the rod. The tape itself is not soluble in water, so it is very troublesome to remove it, so Every time I buy such a dish, I have a headache and what to do. Now I will teach you a trick, which is very effective and can be removed cleanly. These methods can solve the problem of residual tape.

Wipe with alcohol. The remaining glue is not soluble in water, so it is washed as many times as it is, but it is soluble in alcohol, you can directly dip a cotton swab with a high degree of white wine and gently wipe it on the vegetable pole, and wipe off the remaining parts. This will neither affect food consumption nor cause harm. Note that it must be wiped with a high degree of liquor that can be drunk, and not selected as industrial alcohol.

Direct excision. There are many bundled vegetables, basically the stems are very long, and the bundled part is also close to the bottom. The stalks at this part are relatively hard and old, and the taste is not good, so if you want to save trouble, just directly Partially cut and thrown away, the tapes for the bundled vegetables are all narrow tapes, which will not cause much waste, but can prevent us from eating the tape residues, which is safer.

In fact, the residue of the tape is not difficult to remove, and it is difficult to tie it to the dish. We must consider the edible nature of the dish, so we must use a safe method when removing it. Inconvenient, you can bring your own hemp rope, after you buy it, it is more convenient to carry it by yourself, and it is also safer and healthier.

The purpose of bundling vegetables with tape in the supermarket is to make the dishes look more tidy and more attractive, but we ca n’t choose. We ca n’t see whether the dishes inside are good or bad, and some rotten leaves are hidden inside. If you buy it much worse, you will have to lose more than it is worth. So when you buy vegetables, you should still take a look. It is better to choose bulk vegetables.