There Where Several High Temperature Adhesive Tape

There where several high temperature adhesive tape

1, Golden polyimide high temperature adhesive tape: mainly used for painting, coating, sealing, shoes, packaging, fixing, building decorations and other industries.

2, Tan high temperature adhesive tape: with high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, stable performance characteristics, widely used as electronic transformers, motors, coils, capacitors and variable frequency power supply, such as winding electrical insulating purposes.

3, La high temperature adhesive tape: apply to transformers, motors, capacitors, and other types of motors, electronic resistance of insulating wrap protection and high temperature objects.

4, Mara blanket: widely used in transformers, motors, motors, electronic components such as capacitors, insulation wrap.

Here only lists four kinds of high temperature adhesive tape, there are many examples, in General, high temperature adhesive tape with high temperature performance, used primarily for electrical insulating purposes.