Vulcanization Process

Put plastic rubber into for elastic rubber of process called sulfide it is will a quantitative of sulfide agent as sulfur, and sulfide promote agent, joined to by rubber made of semi-finished products in the in sulfide tank in the for in provides of temperature Xia heating, and insulation makes rubber of linear molecular between through generated "sulfur bridge" and mutual make joint into stereo of mesh structure to makes plastic of rubber material into has high elastic of sulfide rubber.

Due to cross-links are mainly composed of sulfur so called "vulcanization". With the development of synthetic rubber vulcanizing Agent now many varieties in addition to sulfur and organic sulfides, peroxides, metal oxides, and so on. So who can make linear structure into stereoscopic netlike structure of elastic plastic rubber process called vulcanization of rubber in rubber material "bypass" effects of these substances are referred to as "curing agent".

Vulcanized flexible rubber Vulcanized rubber and soft rubber, commonly known as "rubbers". Vulcanized rubber process one of the most important processes of various rubber products must undergo curing to achieve the desired performance. Without a Vulcanized rubber is of no value in use, but less less sulfur? curing time has failed to meet the best and sulfur over, significant performance degradation were making rubber performance decline. So the production process must be strictly controlling cure time? to ensure use of Vulcanized rubber products with the best performance and longest life.

Here, the entire plastic products technological process is over, after these six processes, a perfect product to get off the line, wouldn't it be responsible?