What Are Environmental Adhesives?

What are environmental adhesives?

Nowadays, the society promotes environmental protection. Many companies also pay attention to environmental protection. The same applies to the adhesive tape industry. Many of the adhesives also belong to the environmental protection series of adhesive tape factories. Then, what are the environmental protection adhesives? There are mainly the following seven types:

1, starch glue: including gelatinization. Oxidation, esterification and resin destruction Sealing tapes Modified starch adhesives fall into this category.

2, water-based adhesives: These include water-soluble and emulsion-type non-toxic adhesives, phenolic adhesives and epoxy adhesives and other adhesives.

3, hot-melt adhesives: Mainly include vinyl acetate hot-melt adhesives, polyethylene hot-melt adhesives, polyimide Yiwu tape amine hot-melt adhesives and other products.

Which are environmentally friendly adhesives

4. Low-toxic or non-toxic rubber: It mainly includes urea-formaldehyde rubber with reduced formaldehyde content, non-triphenyl-based polyurethane and rubber adhesives, and various adhesives with non-toxic solvent replacement.

5. Waste plastic adhesives: Mainly include polystyrene waste plastics, polyester waste plastics and fiber preparation adhesives and other waste plastics and waste rubber adhesives.

6, inorganic adhesives: including silicate adhesives, phosphate adhesives and other adhesives and other products.

7, natural adhesive: Boaka shellac, shellac, protein glue, gum arabic are all natural adhesives.