What Are The Hazard Warning Pvc Tapes For?

What are the hazard warning PVC tapes for?

I do not know if you have noticed that some transport facilities in the hardware market often sell traffic warning facilities, including the warning tapes that we are involved in. From then on, we know that the number of warning tapes is related to transportation facilities. The role of traffic facilities is only the tip of the iceberg that warns the use of adhesive tape. Next, we will give you an introduction to the use of warning tapes.

PVC floor marking tapes have the following main functions. Shop floor markings, shop floor markings, garage markings, etc. These ground markings. It also includes the dressing and parcels of gas pipelines such as natural gas and gas pipelines. Then the area where the warning tape can be used for identification also includes warning areas such as warning areas, industries, shopping malls, elevators, and stairs. Then according to the single and double colors of the warning tape, we can distinguish what these warning tapes are mainly used for.

Monochromatic ground warning tapes mainly have the following meanings. The yellow line generally represents a temporary or moving area indicating that the area serves only as a temporary borrowing. The red aisle marking tape usually represents a defective product area, which serves as a sign for the division of the factory floor.

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Here we introduce the role played by these two-color PVC harzard stripe warning tapes. Red and white are mainly used in the firefighting area of the workshop to serve as a reminder, reminding everyone that this is a fire exit and it is forbidden to occupy this area. The yellow and black warning tapes are mainly used for marking the workshop lanes, and can clearly remind non-related personnel that they should not occupy the area inside the warning tape. Green-and-white warning tape is struck in the work area to prompt employees to prepare for safety in advance