What Is Environmentally Friendly Electrical Tape

What is environmentally friendly electrical tape

        In recent years, the public on the environmental requirements of the product more and more requirements, then, we often say that the green PVC electrical tape refers to what?

In general, if not specified, environmentally-friendly  pvc electrical insulation tape refers to the product meets the ROHS heavy metal content requirements, specifically the requirements of the product of six heavy metals indicators (mercury, cadmium, lead, hexavalent chromium, PBB, PBDE) The total content of not more than 1000PPM, which lead content can not exceed 900PPM

Achieving this environmental protection requirement is a challenge for manufacturing electrical tape manufacturing plants and requires strict and systematic control over equipment and the environment in the raw material supply chain and manufacturing plant by the factory, Small plant can do it.

   we can offer your pvc insulation tape with ROHS and REACH grade.

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