What Is The Differences Between PVC Pipe Tapes And Cloth Duct Tapes

What is the differences between PVC pipe tapes and cloth duct tapes

PVC pipe tape:

PVC pipe tape is a PVC substrate material, the industry name: anti-corrosion tape, pipe anti-corrosion tape. Its strong adhesion, the paste is very solid, if the pipe burst pipe basic glue will not stick to the sticky, glued absolutely will not leak and burst. So it is mainly used for the role of pipeline corrosion.

cloth duct tapes

Bcloth duct tape is based on the heat of polyethylene and gauze fiber composite substrate. It has a strong peel force, tensile strength, resistance to grease, anti-aging, temperature, water, anti-corrosion effect, so it is also used in pipe waterproofing.

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