What Should You Watch Out For When Using Caution Tape?

What should you watch out for when using caution tape?

Many users of ground traffic engineering facilities should be aware that PVC warning tapes are designed to be used for flooring. If the majority of users are using floor warning tape, they find that the warning glue is automatically dropped off. The reason may be as follows. We will analyze it for you. I hope you have a clearer understanding of what matters you should pay attention to when using warning tapes.

1. Due to the quality problem of the warning tape, please check whether there is no glue or degumming phenomenon on the rubber side of the warning tape. If this happens, the quality of the product appears. In this case, please contact the supplier and replace the product. Because there is no glue on one side of the product with glue, the viscosity of the product is not strong. If degumming occurs, the product does not meet the requirements in the production process, and thus the quality does not guarantee the viscosity problem.

2. In the case of excluding quality problems, everyone can pay attention to whether the surface of the object to be attached to the warning tape is uneven, or whether there are pits or dents, and if so, flat and smooth areas should be selected. Otherwise, the warning tape drop cannot be used normally.

3. Observe whether the ground is clean and whether there is dust or water. If there is such a situation, please clean the floor to be glued. Because these factors will affect the stickiness of warning tape

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