Why Do Tape Aging Can Be Avoided Easily

1, oxygen, due to the amount of oxygen contained in the air 21%, which speed up the material properties of oxide, activity was heavy, resulting in rapid oxidation of the tape, resulting in a tape of "old". But we don't let adhesive tape tape can be a bubble appears, breathable tape, of course, a factor that is inevitable.

2, ultraviolet radiation (sunlight), ultraviolet light with high temperature decomposition for viscous substances, prolonged exposure in the sun belt is broken down, causing aging tape. The tape using a site, do not speak the objects exposed to the Sun.

3, plasticizers, whose main function is to soften the plastic, and most plastic products contain plasticizers, with the time change, the material itself contains a proportion of plasticizer will more and more, causing aging tape and so on. Under the long-term implications of the above factors will lead to deterioration of the tape, softening, curing, and lose stickiness.

4, metal, especially copper or rust, in the everyday life of any quality materials and metal organic compounds, especially copper or rust reaction, while the tapes contain organic compounds, leading to tape aging. Many metal adhesive tape protective film, or certain parts are used, this requires attention to the tape, the avoid because of duct tape parts fall off even more serious conditions.

5, bleach, whose main ingredient is calcium oxide containing calcium and chemical reactions of organic compounds. This seldom happens.