Why Is There A Bubble In The Sealing Tape?

Why is there a bubble in the sealing tape?

At present, many of the sealing tapes that people buy in the market are filled with air bubbles. It is not known whether or not everyone has discovered that the larger the sealing tape is, the more layers of tape it contains and the more bubbles there are. On the contrary, the shorter the number of meters, the less the tape, the less bubbles that are contained, and the higher the transparency of the sealing tape. Then why there is a bubble in the sealing tape, let Jinshijin tape tell everyone why there is a bubble in the sealing tape.

The main reason for the presence of air bubbles in the sealing tape is that the glue is evenly applied to the film of the tape after it has been subjected to high temperature treatment. After drying, the glue is boiled to dry at a high temperature, and then it is tightly adhered to the film. On top of it, a small layer of bubbles formed. After tape semi-finished products are cut into small tapes, there will naturally be bubbles in the tape. Due to the short time of the tape, the cured glue cannot completely volatilize in a short time.

After a few months of sealing the tape, the bubbles on the tape naturally evaporate. The entire packing tape is naturally more transparent and can be seen clearly. However, this affects the adhesiveness of the sealing tape. Stickiness is still the same. The above is the reason why we tell you why there is a bubble in the sealing tape, and the bubble does not change in the same period. Hope to help you.

In addition, if you want sealing tape without air bubbles, this company is also able to produce. This is because our company has made further improvements in the process of producing sealing tapes. Yes, it is also necessary to have materials. The protection, that is to say, this is a special kind of material. In the production of sealing tape, the press wheel of the machine has been further improved, thereby increasing the pressure on the sealing tape and making the sealing tape more transparent. The following is the super transparent tape without bubbles.