Wonder Why Chemical Seal Wants Butyl High Temperature Resistant Rubber Stopper

By isobutylene and small amounts of isoprene at low temperatures (-98 c ~-103 c) aggregation of elastomers. Content of double bonds are rare. Saturation is not small, the vulcanization of rubber more slowly, but corrosion and aging. Unsaturated molecular weight larger 1.6%~2.0% butyl rubber, vulcanization speed, is the largest amount of butyl rubber.

Appearance of white, cold flow, relative density 091~0.92, and a molecular weight of 3W~8.5W and stretch crystal.

1, good permeability. Air tightness is the best of all rubber, 8 times times higher than natural rubber.

2, high chemical stability. Low unsaturation, excellent heat aging resistance, aging resistance, especially ozone and acid corrosion. High ozone resistance than NR 10. Freezing is not crystal, good cold. Tg-73. Non-polar, in alcohols and ketones in polar solutions such as the swelling is very small. But not to hydrocarbon solvents.

3, good electrical properties. Electrical insulation and Corona resistance better than General synthetic rubber, water absorption and low. Can be used as insulating material. Volume resistance up to 1016 ω. cm, 10~100 times higher than average synthetic rubber

4, good shock absorption. Low elasticity and ability to absorb shock. At-30 c ~-+50 c, with good shock absorption.


1, poor performance, slow curing, not from other rubber. Poor adhesion and resistance to oil. Heat large, elastic at room temperature is low.


Manufacture of inner tubes, water bag, airbag, radiation-proof gloves, products with high gas tightness requirements. Chemical corrosion-resistant containers and wire and cable insulation cortex and outsourcing. Sealing gaskets of various heat and water resistance and shock-absorbing cushioning materials


Add halogen modification. Brominated butyl rubber, chlorinated solved slowly and the disadvantages of poor adhesion. Combined with NR/SBR/CR, with better air tightness, ozone and chemical corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.