Yellow Tape Was Attached, And The Pests Could Not Reach The Tree. Harbin City Carried Out Elm Purple Beetle Control

  At 14 o'clock on April 3, in the green belt beside the second ring road of Hexing Road in Nangang District, garden workers wrapped yellow tape around the roadside trees beside the road. The reporter learned from the City Urban Management Bureau ’s Garden Office that the city ’s unified prevention and control work against elm purple leaf beetle has recently started. As long as an environmentally friendly yellow tape is wrapped around the trunk, more than 90% of the elm purple beetle pests can be prevented from migrating from the ground to the tree to damage the branches and leaves.

  The elm tree is the main tree species in the gardens of Harbin, and the main natural enemy of the elm tree is a pest called the elm purple beetle. In spring, they will crawl from the soil to the stems of elm branches to feed and lay eggs. After wrapping the big tree with plastic cloth, the pests can no longer climb up the tree because of their feet slipping. This physical method can effectively prevent and control the pests without pollution.

  Starting from the end of March, the city's gardening department has launched a centralized prevention and control work for the elm purple beetle. In order to do this unified prevention and control work, the City Garden Animal and Plant Quarantine Station issued a unified yellow tape to the greening departments of all districts. In the next step, the City Garden Animal and Plant Quarantine Station will take preventive measures against garden plant diseases and insect pests such as caterpillars, aphids, elm green firefly, etc. according to the climate change and the occurrence of diseases and insect pests in Harbin to ensure the healthy growth of garden plants.