Can PVC Tape Be Used Instead Of Electrical Tape

Can PVC Tape Be Used Instead Of Electrical Tape
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The standard black plastic electrical tape is a flexible polyvinylchloride tape. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. 

Using a tape that is PVC but not designed for electrical tape is unwise. The adhesive may fail, the voltage insulation rate may be too small, the glass transition temperature may be too high, the average molecular size may be improper for electrical use, etc. 

NO. You need something that will stick tight and seal so you don't get moisture in to the wires. That causes corrosion and creates a fire hazard. Electrical tape is cheap enough. 

The electrical tape is designed to take higher temperatures too. 

As a quick fix in the middle of the night you might be able to get away with it. Not a permanent fix. 

They also make a liquid electrical tape that works great. It gives you a better seal.


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