Waterproof Transparent PVC Electrical Insulation Plumbers Tape

Product Details

Waterproof transparent pvc electrical insulation plumbers tape


It is made of high quality waterproof and anti corrosion materials, mainly used in diving pumps, underground wires, cables, and waterproof insulation of aerial insulation cables. 

It is also used of various kinds of electrical equipment, insulation of the inner layer of the high voltage rubber tape and also anti corrosion and sealing of pipeline. 

Typical properties:

1.Total thickness: 0.13mm

2.Tensile strength: 2.0KM/M

3.Elongation: 180%

4.Volume resistivity 1X10Ω.cm 

5.Peel strength@180℃ 300N/m


Good transparency, winding, electrical insulation and sealing quality. In a humid environment and water and electrical insulation performance and stability. 


The temperature environment of 80℃, 600V and a variety of electrical equipment basic waterproof insulation, electrical submersible pump deep well, wire, overhead insulated line joint inner cladding waterproof insulation. 


Liantu, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, offers you not only high quality waterproof transparent pvc electrical insulation plumbers tape at the best price, but also excellent additional services. Welcome to wholesale customized tapes made in China from our factory.


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