Electrical Tape Classification And Function Clear

Electrical Tape Classification And Function Clear
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In order to learn how to choose electrical tapes, we must clarify the classification and function of these tapes, and then find electrical tapes according to the functions we need. Only in this way can we find the most suitable electrical tapes to achieve the best results. Some friends may ask for electrical tapes divided into those categories? Xiao Bian points everyone to the types of electrical tapes. The classification method is mainly based on the substrate. There are three types of substrates, mainly fabrics, PVC, and rubber. Three different types of substrates have different uses.

PVC substrate electrical tape is the most used on the market, the current market, PVC electrical tape is divided into high temperature and room temperature, with functional insulation, flame retardant characteristics of both. Rubber-type electrical tapes are more effective than PVC substrates and can be very safe in waterproofing.


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