PE Protection Tape

PE Protection Tape
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#PEprotectiontape  Hardware industry: computer chassis, galvanized sheet stamping, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium plate, steel plate, glass, solar panels. Photoelectric industry: LCD liquid crystal display, backlight, cold light films, membrane switch, mobile phone screen and so on. Plastic industry: ABS, PP injection products, PVC sheet, acrylic board, instrumentation, plastic lenses, paint surface protection and so on. Printing industry: PVC, PC board, aluminum, film, printing nameplate surface protection and so on. Wire and cable industry: protect shaft-mounted copper wire, semi-finished products, finished products and curled products from dust pollution, oxidation and dirty. The electronics industry: protect the finished and semi-finished products from scratch and bruise in the assembly line. Mobile phone and digital industry: for example,can be used to protect moblie phone body and screen. More details , please contact : 

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