Rubber Silicone Self Fusing High Voltage Electrical Tape

Rubber Silicone Self Fusing High Voltage Electrical Tape
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Product Details

A self amalgamating silicone tape for the repair of cabling.Ready to use with a high temperature range. Can be used on primary cable insulation where class H temperatures are present.Self fusing and seamless.

Immediately waterproof, and featuring revolutionary 'adhesive-free' technology. 

Rectangular tape is of uniform thickness and is ideal for applications, where a smooth, even layer of tape is not required. , which also meet various military and aerospace specifications, are also available.



• Protection of coils from vibration.

• Vibration fixture, anti-scratch, and clamping pads.

• Harness wrapping and wire bundling, including for high temperature applications.

• Applied to rollers for protection and traction.

• Plant maintenance.

• Superior, heavy duty repair tape for emergency insulating.

Performance Advantages: 

• Resists moisture, oxygen, and ozone to assure continuous high insulation values.

• Conforms smoothly when wrapped around complex forms.

• Bonds to itself at room temperature within 24 hours.

• Remains non-tacky to the touch and does not adhere to other surfaces, or substrates.

• Insulates with single wrap, thereby reducing labor time and cost.

• Dampens vibration and resists heat and mechanical shock as well as corona.


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