EPR Self Amalgamating Tape Jumbo Roll 610mm

EPR Self Amalgamating Tape Jumbo Roll 610mm
Product Details

EPR self amalgamating tape jumbo roll 610mm 

EPR tape made from premium grade self bonding rubber mainly made from EPR (Ethylene propylene rubber) they are non-vulcanizing and shelf stable with excellent electrical properties. 

which when stretched and wrapped around cables, electrical joints, hoses and pipes will amalgamate itself into a strong seamless rubbery, waterproof, and electrically insulating layer, resistant high voltage. 

We can offer jumbo roll EPR tape, with the width is 610mm, you can take the jumbo rolls to your factory, wrapping into small rolls and cutting and packing according to request size. 

This tape feature:

1.Highly conformable for high voltage resistant 

2.Physical and electrical properties are unaffected by the degree of stretch

3.Can be stretched up to 800% to make void free 

4.Moisture resistant insulation self amalgamating tape 

5.Excellent electrical properties

Size we offer;



Color: black and white you can chose. 

Packing: 2pcs packing in a carton box

Shelf life and storage:

This product has a 3-year shelf life from the date of manufacture under the storage of a ventilated place in normal temperature. 

Liantu, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, offers you not only high quality epr self amalgamating tape jumbo roll 610mm at the best price, but also excellent additional services. Welcome to wholesale customized tapes made in China from our factory.


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