Black Silicone Self-Sealing Tape

Black Silicone Self-Sealing Tape
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Black Silicone Self-Sealing Tape

The advantage of Black Silicone Self-Sealing Tape

1. Good temperature resistance:

(1) Thermal stability 180 ° C, the product can be safely used for more than 10 years at this temperature, eliminating many after-sales troubles;

(2) Temperature resistance -50 ° C - + 260 ° C;

(3) The service life is up to 2000 hours at 260 °C.

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2. Good insulation performance:

(1) Volume resistivity: 10 to the power of 13 ohms cm/min. (ASTM D257)

(2) Even if it is wrapped around a sharp complex shape, the adhesion is still good, the sealing waterproofness is excellent, and the film is kept even and smooth, and high insulation performance can be maintained in a high humidity environment;

(3) an inherent flame retardant that does not have electrical conductivity when the combustion product forms ash;

(4) For flame retardant products where complete flame retardancy is required;

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Regular size of Black Silicone Self-Sealing Tape:



The normal packing is one roll with plastic bag, 200 rolls in a cartonpacking.jpg

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