High Quality Antistatic Silicone Self Adhesive Fiberglass Tape

High Quality Antistatic Silicone Self Adhesive Fiberglass Tape
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Fiberglass Silicone Tape incorporate a sinusoidal fiberglass fabric that gives a controlled elongation and increased tear resistance and tensile strength of the tape. It has a minimum elongation before fracture of 25%, The reinforcement has excellent mechanical characteristics while allowing the tape to conform to irregular shapes.


The tape has no adhesive, but sticks to itself (self-fuses or self amalgamating) when stretched and wrapped onto itself. The tapes starts curing within minutes, and after several hours cannot be unwound or removed without using a sharp knife or blade. This tape makes a waterproof, weatherproof and air tight protection.

This tape is available in many colors, but clear, oxide-red and black are the most common. The tape has a built-in fiberglass sinusoidal reinforcement limiting the amount of elongation (either a maximum of 15% or 25%). 


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