Pipe Repair Sealing Tape Waterproof Silicone Bonding Tape

Pipe Repair Sealing Tape Waterproof Silicone Bonding Tape
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Pipe Repair Sealing Tape Waterproof silicone Bonding Tape

Silicone self fusing rubber tape is made of two different layers that give the tape its distinct properties. The top layer is a release paper that protects the tape from moisture. The second layer is silicone rubber.

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1. Material Silicone Rubber, Backing Non shrink Polyester

2. Silicone rubber tape which when stretched and wrapped around cables, electrical joints, hoses and pipes, etc

3. Will amalgamate and self bond itself in minutes into a strong seamless rubbery waterproof layer

4. UV Resistance Excellent, Insulates Electrical and Fluid Connections, Characteristics Self-Adhering and Self-Fusing, Curing in 24 hours at Room Temperature

5. Resists Vibration, Shock, Solvent and Moisture

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