Silicone Fusion Tape

Silicone Fusion Tape
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Silicone Fusion Tape

Silicone rubber self fusing tapes are high-quality products made from a special silicone resin mixture that is self-adhsion or self-fusing.

The self-fusing silicone tape has an elongation rate of 300% and can adapt to different product shapes.

With airtight, watertight insulation sealing effect, can be used to wind the cable wires, 

can withstand voltage 8000 volts, 

260 ℃ will never melt, minus 50 °C can maintain good toughness, 

UV resistance, corrosion resistance.

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Silicone fusing repair tapes are widely used in the automotive industry, shipbuilding industry, electronics industry, cables and wires, satellites, spray coating, electroplating and other industries.

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