Silicone Rubber Self-adhesive Tape

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The silicone rubber self-adhesive tape is made of high temperature resistant splicable tape viscous inorganic silicone rubber. The tape is provided with an easy-peeling protective layer. It can be used in H-class high temperature 250°C (365°F), especially suitable for wrapping in cables. The outermost layer of the terminal is resistant to electrical marks. Instructions for use In use, a tape cover with overlapping layers is added at the terminal, and the entire terminal is placed from the cable casing one inch to the metal protrusion, and a layer of semi-overlapping tape is applied. Gently apply force when applying the tape (10%-100% elongation of the tape), and the tape should not be stretched around the last turn. To prevent the tape from curling around, press the tape until it is self-melting. When the water is not dustproof). use The utility model has the advantages of wide dosage, large performance, anti-fouling, anti-hydrochloric acid, anti-ultraviolet, waterproof, anti-oxidation, ozone resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance and high pressure resistance.

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